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The 1718 Schoolhouse was a one-room schoolhouse when it was first built on the Setauket Village Green. It stood where the Caroline Church shed is now. In 1869, the schoolhouse was moved and is now a two story building on Main Street south of The Neighborhood House. 

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After they moved the original building, a new school was built in 1869 on the Village Green. Another story was added in 1893. Then, in 1951, a new school was built. It still stands as Setauket School.

In the 19th Century, there were two popular teachers: Nancy Cleaves and George W. Hawkins. George Hawkins was the 1st teacher in the West Setauket School on the Village Green in 1869. He was paid $196.15 a year. He taught there for 25 years. Many of the students were Polish and Jewish that came from Russia whose parents worked in the Setauket Rubber Factory.

Though teaching was thought to be a manís job, Nancy Cleaves started teaching in Setauket in 1843. She taught the summer session for 5 years. She liked to teach about the stars and planets on clear nights. This was very important because many of the students grew up to be ship captains and needed to know about the stars to get around. Everybody loved her.

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School back then was very different than now. Every subject was taken in one room. Even with family members! So, think about it, not only are you with your family members, you are in a tiny schoolhouse with dozens of kids and teenagers.

Back then, there werenít many books, so you would have been taught from the Bible for reading and writing. Also, there were no notebooks, so kids wrote on slates. Slates were like small blackboards to do math problems.

School was very different and strange when compared to now. Even though we would like to try and see what it would be like to go to school in the old schoolhouse, we think we would prefer school the way it is now.


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