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One of the most interesting structures in our neighborhood of Setauket, New York, is the Caroline Church of Brookhaven. It is located across from the Setauket Village Green on Dyke Road.Stick

The Caroline Church's roof is made out of shake shingles. The siding is made out of wood shingles and the foundation is made from locust trees and stone columns. The building is one and a half stories high, consisting of a basement, the main floor, and a balcony. The balcony is where the slaves sat for church. Their seats would be tilted so that if they fell asleep when they weren't supposed to, they would fall off of their seat. If this system didn't work, a girl who fell asleep in church would get tickled with a feather. If this happened to a boy, he would get spanked with the other end of the stick.

The builders of the Caroline Church were probably ship builders because the church has a "ship's knee". This means the top corners have an extra piece of wood like the ships built in the 18th century and its ceiling is rounded which looks like the bottom of a ship.

There is an old stable where people put their horses while they were in service.  Here is a picture of the stable now.


The Caroline Church was first called Christ Church, but in January 1730, the named was changed to The Caroline Church in honor of King George II's wife Wilhelina-Karolina of Brandenburg-Anspach.  She was the Queen of England and she gave money to help it.  Back then, you people would pray to the Queen and King. 

During the Battle of Setauket in the Revolutionary War, the Caroline Church was a hospital for the wounded British soldiers. You can go there now and see the musket ball that was shot by a soldier during this skirmish.  Here is a photo of it!

Bullet in Caroline Chucrh

The Caroline Church also has a cemetery. The cemetery has a couple of famous people buried there, including Emma S. Clark, Samuel Woodhull and Ward Melville.

Here are some headstones of famous people from Setauket!

Emma Clark's Headstone

Emma S. Clark

Thomas Hodgkins's Headstone

Thomas Hodgkins, the founder of the Emma S. Clark Library and Emma's uncle.

To Frank Melville Memorial Park

Frank Melville, Jr.

Ward and Dorothy Melville's Headstone

Ward and Dorothy Melville

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