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Emma S. Clark Memorial Library


On the Setauket Village Green, stands the beautiful Emma S. Clark Memorial Library. It stands on the property where Thomas S. Mount, father of William Sidney Mount, owned a general store and tavern. 

     The library was dedicated on October 3, 1892 by Thomas Hodgkins.  He named it after his favorite niece Emma Clark who died in 1889.  The dedication day would have been the day of Emma's 56th birthday.  Thomas Hodgkins raised Emma S. Clark and her sister Annie because their parents died when they were young.

       It was $16,000 for the construction and $12,000 for the land. That was a lot of money for a building in the 19th century. Thomas Hodgkins got the money from a candy store where he made millions of dollars. He gave the library to the community as a gift because he wanted to show his respect for Emma S. Clark when she died.   Thomas Hodgkins died on November 25, 1892, shortly after the library's opening.

     The library has 2 stories and they might add on to the library more. The library is made out of brick, slate, wood and the foundation is stone. There is a big clock on the side of the building, but nobody knows who built it.

     The first person to work there was Anna Morand because Thomas Hodgkins was a very good friend of hers. Anna Morand gave the first library card to Bessie Strong.

    There is a stained glass window of the angel, Gabrielle, in the reading room. All the different colors look so beautiful!

     If you want to learn more about Three Village History, come to the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library!

     It is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Mondays through Friday.  On Saturday, it is opened from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Sunday, it is open from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Visit the Emma S. Clark Library web site.

Stain Glass of Gabrielle

This is the stained glass of Gabrielle.

Behind the clock

This is the clock that has been there since the library was first built.  It is a view from the inside!

The key that winds the clock

This is the key to turn the clock.  It was so cool watching how the clock was wound.

The Reading Room

This is the reading room.  This room is the original building before they added to it.

The book Shelves of the library

This is a picture of the book shelves of the ground floor and the upstairs.

Display case in the reading room

This display shows the first library card that was given to Bessie Strong.  It also has pictures of the original part of the library, Emma S. Clark, Thomas Hodgkins among others.


Click on any of these to enlarge!

ECport.jpg (173512 bytes)

A portrait of Emma S. Clark.  It is hanging in the reading room

Thomas Hodgkins

A portrait of Thomas Hodgkins.  It is hanging in the reading room.

The 3rd library card

The third library card given out.  The first one to take out a book!

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