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Frank Melville Memorial Park Plaque

Frank Melville Memorial Park

and its surroundings

    The Frank Melville Memorial Park surrounds the Melville Mill Pond in Setauket.  It was dedicated to the memory of Frank Melville, Jr. in 1937.  Frank Melville was the father of Ward Melville, the person who restored much of the history of the Three Village area.  There is a path around the pond where you can walk and sit near the pond on many benches.  You can also enjoy nature and wildlife on the trails just off the path in the nature preserve.  Below you can see the water flowing over the dam on the Northern end of the loop, to the marsh on the southern part of Conscience Bay.  Below you can read about some of the buildings around and near the park.  We hope you visit this wonderful and relaxing place!

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John Satterly House

This is the East Wing of the John Satterly House


This is the Satterly House located two buildings east of the park enterance, next to the post office.  John Roe Satterly, born in 1790, was the architect of the Satterly residence. This house was built in the year of 1825. John was the son of Colonel Isaac Satterly, and Isaac was a general in the Long Island Militia during the Revolutionary War. A militia soldier is a soldier who volunteers to be in the army. The Satterly Residence has a Dutch gambrel roof. The front entrance to the house has two sidelights and a fanlight. The east wing was added 1940 when Ward Melville restored the house. It is a very historic house.

Jogn Satterly House

The John Satterly House from the west.


Grambrel Roof

This is a photo of a Dutch Gambrel Roof.  Notice the shape and angles of the roof.


Setauket Grist Mill

The Setauket Grist Mill

The Mill is simulated which means that is just there for show. The original mill was built in 1664. It was rebuilt in 1669. Then a third mill was built with the help of Donald A. Spetta in 1937 which is the mill that stands there now.

Old Setauket Post Office
The Setauket Post Office was built in the spot of two earlier post offices, and it was built in 1941. Architect, Richard Haviland Smythe designed it for Ward Melville. Ward wanted it to enhance the Frank Melville Memorial Park. The columns ear-of-corn capitals are copies of an original design by Benjamin Latrobe. This Post Office is still being used.
    The Satterly Barn

    The Satterly Barn is located on the west side of  the park.  It was built in the eary 1700's and a stable was added after 1937. It is used for storage and was re-sided and re-roofed in 1968.

    FMIsatt2.jpg (337188 bytes)

    On the opposite side of the pond from the John Satterly House, on Old Field Road, and next to the Satterly Barn, is the Isaac Satterly house. It is one of the oldest houses in the Setauket area. This house has some original features like the window casement frames. There is an end chimney that measures 7 and 1/2 feet by 3 and 1/4 feet, fireplaces with back smoke flues and wide floorboards on each floor in this two story house. In the year 1968, the house was completely restored by Ward Melville, who was the son of Frank Melville, Jr. Then a whole new west wing was built. The house is also a Salt Box style because it is shaped like an old time salt box. This is a very old house and it was never moved from itís original spot by the pond.Isaac Satterly house from across the pond!


    Diagram of a saltbox house

    This is the shape of a saltbox house.  It got its name from the shape of actual salt boxes of that time period. Notice the angle of the roof on the back of the house.

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