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The First Residents of Three Village:

The Native Americans

Can you imagine that over 8,000 years ago the Algonquian Native Americans lived here, slept here, and hunted here in Setauket? Some of the Algonquians still live here, but not the way they used to. They get food from supermarkets and watch TV. Before then, they had to hunt, make their own homes, chop firewood, sleep on animal skins and they had to make their own arrows.

Each day the Algonquians would get food, water, stones, herbs, and clay to make tools, clothing, and shelters. They didnít have too much time to have fun. They had to rely on nature for everything.

The Native Americans of Setauket were called the "Setalcotts" which is Algonquian for "land at the mouth of the creek." This made sense because there was a Native American village on the coast of the mill pond in Setauket. This particular tribe used wigwams. Other tribes used tee-pees, long houses, or somewhat of a combination.

In 1662, settlers bought what was  called Little Neck from the Setalcotts.  These Native Americans used it for their "royal residence" before the settlers came.  They called it Minasseroke which means "island of wild huckleberries."  It is belived that our school Minnesauke got its name from a mispronounciation of Minasseroke.

In 1655, five men from New England traded some good supplies for 30 square miles of land bordering Long Island Sound from Smithtown to Belle Terre. Setauket is currently within this area. These men arranged a trade with Warawakmy who was believed to be the leader of the Setalcott village. The Englishmen offered: "10 coats, 12 hoes, 12 hatchets, 50 Muxes, 100 Needles, 6 Ketles, 10 Fadom of Wampum, 7 Chest of Powder, 1 Pare of Childs Stokins, 10 pounds of lead, 1 Dosen knives."

Who do you think got the better deal?

Note: Many of the spellings are incorrect because there was no agreement on how to spell words back then. As a matter of fact, the word for Setalcott had 10 different ways of being spelled!

An Englishman bringing materials to trade

The items the Setalcotts received for the land

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