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Setauket Presbyterian Church

Sign for  the Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church is an amazing historical place. The original Presbyterian Church building was built on the Setauket Village Green in 1674, however, the Presbyterian organization was created in 1660.

In 1714, Colonel Richard Floyd donated land to make the church larger. He said he would only donate the land if the church was only to be used by Presbyterians. The people who werenít Presbyterian had to find their own church to pray. That is why they created the Caroline Church. It was also the first church built in Setauket.

On August 27, 1776, during the Revolutionary War, George Washington and his troops lost the Battle of Long Island in Brooklyn. After this, the British took over all of Long Island, including Setauket. They then took over the Presbyterian Church as a garrison. They took wood from the church, kept their horses in the church and they even used the headstones from the graveyard to build barriers. This upset the people of Setauket very much.  The Caroline Church was the church that the British soldiers prayed in while they were in Setauket.  This is because the Caroline Church was the Church of England and the people there prayed to the Queen and King as well as to God,  The Presbyterians, did not pray to the King and Queen, so they thought it was fine to ruin the church.

On August 22, 1777 the Patriots, led by Colonel Parsons, fought from Patriotís Rock against the Redcoats in the church in the Battle of Setauket. One of the patriots in that battle was Zachariah Greene (who was 17 at the time) who later became Reverend Greene and the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church.

Several years later, the church was struck by lightening and burned down. In 1812, they built a new one, which is still standing as beautiful now as it was in the 18th century.

The top of the Presbyterian Church was built like an up side down boat. This was because most of the builders in Setauket were ship builders, so they built it as they knew how. They made the Presbyterian Church with wooden pegs instead of nails. This was a very common way to build buildings back then.

A long time ago, the people that went to the Presbyterian Church had to rent their pews. The first row of pews would cost the most and the last row of pews would cost the least. Now, they do not have to rent their pews. Also, a longtime ago, the men always sat in front of the ladies.

Behind the church is the old graveyard where there are a lot of historical people buried like, Samuel Thompson, William Sidney Mount, and many Brewsters and Woodhulls among others.

People could visit the church and see how beautiful it is and learn about a lot of history of Setauket.

The Presbyterian Church from the green

This is the Presbyterian Church as seen from the North end of the Village Green.


Another view!

This is the church from the center of the Village Green.

Here are some famous people buried in the Presbyterian Church's Cemetery.

Richard Woodhull's Grave

Richard Woodhull.  He was one of Setauket's first settlers.

Abraham Woodhull's Grave

Abraham Woodhull

(Click for an enlarged picture to read.)

Abraham Woodhull's foot stone

Abraham Woodhull's foot stone

William Sidney Mount's Headstone and Grave                                             William Sidney Mount's Headstone

William Sidney Mount

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