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Remember war heroes

This boulder honors those who gave their lives for their country.   Notice The Emma S. Clark Library in the background.





Rock honoring Hawkins Family

This is the smaller boulder honoring the Hawkins family



Remembering war heroes on the Setauket Village Green

People honor our war heroes on Memorial Day




The Setauket Village Green

The Setauket Village Green is shaped like a triangle. Over the years, the size of the green got smaller as they made the roads around it wider. It was used as a meeting place in the olden days. People didnít have telephones, computers, or TVs to get information, so the whole community had to meet and they often did at the green.

The Old 1718 Schoolhouse was first on the green and then it was moved. A new schoolhouse was built across Dyke Road where the Caroline Church shed now stands. A newer school later replaced that, which is now Setauket Elementary School across the green on Main Street.

There are two large stones with plaques on the Green. The larger of the stones is to honor the people who died in the World Wars, the Vietnam War and the Korean War. The smaller boulder has a plaque that reads:


"Near this site stood the home of Zachariah Hawkins and his wife Mary Biggs, son of Robert and Mary Hawkins who came from England to Massachusetts in 1635; born 1639; settled in Setauket about 1661; became prominent in public affairs, a proprietor and Trustee of Brookhaven Town; died 1699. Progenitor of the Hawkins family on Long Island. Erected by the Hawkins Association 1949."

The Old Setauket Presbyterian Church and the Caroline Church surround the Green. These churches own the Green. It is also near the Emma S. Clark Library and many of the other interesting historical sights of Setauket.


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