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The Country House Restaurant

The Three Village area consists of Setauket, Stony Brook, and the incorporated village of Old Field. It is nestled on Long Island’s north shore in Suffolk County, NY. It is a community that takes great pride in its history and works very hard to preserve it. The purpose of this web page is to give a children’s point of view this history.

Though I had to help with much of the technical aspects of this project, please keep in mind that it was completely researched, designed, and written by the children in my fourth grade class at Minnesauke Elementary School, Three Village Central School District, East Setauket, NY.   Many children volunteered their free time before and after school to accomplish this project. Words alone cannot describe the amount of effort they put into this.  I am very proud of all of them.

The children chose the points of interest that interested them and made arrangements to visit and investigate their places of study on their own.  Sometimes, they even arranged for a tour!  Now that is research.  Thus making them true historians! In addition to their visits, the Three Village Historical Society’s publication of The Three Village Guidebook by Howard Klein, Setauket: The First Three Hundred Years 1655-1955 by Edwin P. Adkins's, and Beverly Tyler's Discover Setauket, Brookhaven's Original Settlement were major resources.

All historical information was found to the best of our ability using the books mentioned and local historians. We discovered that it is difficult to get exact facts about some history unless there are written records. Therefore, if anyone reading this information thinks there is an erroneous historical fact, please send e-mail to stuied@aol.com and we will look into the matter.

We would like to thank Beverly Tyler and the rest of the Three Village Historical Society for their help in making this project, all the people in Three Village who gave tours and answered the many questions of the children, and to the Minnesauke Community for supporting the need to supply our class with the technology needed for this project. Finally, a very special "thank you" goes to all the parents of Mr. Dick’s class for their efforts in helping the children arrange times outside of school, so they may see what they researched first hand. We all have busy schedules, so these efforts are greatly appreciated by all.

Enjoy your visit!


Stuart Dick     

Minnesauke Elementary School

East Setauket, NY  June 1998

The Stony Brook Grist Mill

1718 Schoolhouse

The Setauket Neighborhood House

Emma S. Clark Library Patriot's Rock


Thompson House Old Field Lighthouse
Caroline Church Stony Brook Post Office

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