Regents Review
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While it is not the regents in June, you take a Mid term during mid term week in January.  Below is a copy of the Mid term Review Packet.

These are the handouts that accompany the review book that we will utilize for our studying of materials in preparation for the Global History and Geography Regents coming this June.

Pages on the Handouts coordinate with the current review book

Assignment 1 -- The Dawn of Civilization

Assignment 2 -- Classical Civilizations

Assignment on Religions -- Religions

Assignment 3 -- New Centers of Culture in an Age of Turmoil

Assignment 4 --

Assignment 5 --

Assignment 6 -- New Currents

Assignment 7 -- World War I

Assignment 8 -- From the Cold War to Global Interdependence


Complete these packets and follow what we do in class and you are going to place yourself in an excellent position to excel on this examination and in the course.