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Child Nutrition
The district participates in the National School Breakfast/Lunch Program and provides nutritious foods for children, thereby contributing to their daily dietary requirements. The breakfast program is available in secondary schools only. By encouraging good eating habits and offering menus carefully devised for nutritional as well as taste appeal, this program endeavors to function as an integral part of the entire educational program.

The Board of Education has established a policy that no child should be deprived of school lunch because (s) he is economically disadvantaged. Pupils may be provided free or reduced-price breakfasts and lunches on a continuing, intermittent, or emergency basis when family circumstances require it. Required application forms will be mailed in August. Forms will also be available in each school building or click here:

2008-09 Free or Reduced Price Meal Application Form

January 2009 Lunch Menu
Gelinas JHS
Murphy JHS

Menu Change - Jan 21 & Jan 23

February 2009 Lunch Menu
Gelinas JHS
Murphy JHS

February Menu Analysis

Disclosure of Food Alergens (updated 1/15/09)
Wellness Policy Fact Sheet

Secondary Breakfast Served Daily
2008-2009 Snack Prices

Prepaid lunches are available, log into www.MyLunchMoney.com. This will allow you to place money in your children’s account and to automatically renew the account when it is low. You will be able to see your children’s account history at any time. Please allow 24-48 hours for the account to change. You can also call 800 479-3531. You need your child’s student identification number to register.
You can still buy lunches and snack with cash or a check payable to the “Three Village Cafeteria Fund”.
*Nutritional analysis of the menu is calculated on a weekly basis. All menus are nutritionally analyzed on a weekly basis for:

  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Saturated Fat
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Fiber

100% fruit juice is available as well as 1% milk or low fat flavored milk. Sandwiches are made on whole wheat bread in the elementary schools. In the high schools, sandwiches are made on whole wheat Kaiser rolls. Various snacks are also available that are “Choose Sensibly”.

(Secondary Schools Only) - $1.00 for cold food and $1.25 for hot

Elementary - $1.75
Secondary - $2.00
Milk Price - $.60 per 1/2 pint

Reduced lunch price for all grades is $.25.

In the Child Nutrition Program, we will provide

Sensible Choices” A La Carte Snack Offerings
Fat = 7 grams or less
Saturated Fat = 2 grams or less
Sodium = 360 mg or less
Sugar = 15 grams or less

Sensible Choices” Beverage Offerings
1. Total fat equal to or less than 3 grams per 8 ounce serving
a. Only low fat milk, skim milk and low flavored milks will be served.
2. Sweetened beverages must meet the following standards:
a. Sugar equal to or less than 28 grams per 8 ounce serving
b. 100% fruit juice has approximately 26-30 grams of natural sugar per 8 ounces and is a noted exception; however serving container is limited to 12 ounces.)
3. Sodium equal to or less than 200 milligrams per serving
4. No soda should be sold in schools at anytime

Questions about the program should be directed to Lois Chait, R.D., Director of Child Nutrition Services, at (631) 730-4505 or loisc@3villagecsd.k12.ny.us

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