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P.J. Gelinas Jr. High School


  P.J. Gelinas Jr. High School

Gustave Hueber, Principal
Antonio Santana, Assistant Principal

25 Mud Road
Setauket, NY 11733
Phone: (631) 730-4700

Principal's Message
How quickly time can pass, especially when it is filled with so many events and activities.  So many of our students are engaged in educational and co-curricular programs designed to stimulate leadership, character, athleticism and academic achievement.  While learning is the primary focus, let us not loose sight of the many other developmental aspects of a quality school that contribute to the success and well being of your pre-adolescent.

Much like other schools, P.J. Gelinas subscribes to the American ideal of democracy and in doing so; we offer students many opportunities to become involved in organizations that promote leadership, citizenship and community service.  So far  this year we have sponsored food and clothing drives, Save-A-Pet campaign, beach clean-ups, school beautification projects, environmental research on clean water, anti-drug red ribbon week activities, an anti-smoking poster contest, a school-wide bullying survey and a myriad of fundraising activities to support local, regional and international causes.  Our students begin to understand how their contributions to these organizations translate into a greater sense of self-worth and the betterment of their school and community.  Encourage and support your child’s involvement in school activities and join us in our effort to create a school environment that promotes scholarship, leadership and citizenship. 

Wishing your children continued success at P.J.Gelinas throughout the school year along with many opportunities to learn both in and outside the classroom!

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